Case Study

Oh My Rockness

Hate when your favorite band passes through town only to find out after the fact? Ever curious what shows are happening on a given night?

Oh My Rockness is a human-curated concert listing website for New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago tha started in 2004. Way Mondo became the steward of the beloved website in 2013 and also created its iOS companion app.

Here at Way Mondo we don’t make ordinary apps - we build useful and unique ones.

Our design style strives to fuse simplicity with a flair that is unique to each project. Each interface is approached with intuitveness as the primary consideration.

Stability and speed is extremely important to us, and so we build our apps with thoughtful, modern programming patterns. We are adimant practitioners and contributors of open source technologies.

There are always several new applications in production. Curious to learn more? Get in touch.

Way Mondo was founded by Justin Talbott in 2010 as a platform for building specialized applications, after years of freelancing in New York City. For a long and incomplete list of previous work, send an email.

Fluent Full Stack Technologies

  • Next Gen JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Ember JS
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node.js
  • CSS3, SCSS, Less
  • Webpack
  • Postgres SQL
  • Websockets
  • GraphQL
  • Phonegap / Cordova
  • Redis
  • Heroku
  • Amazon Web Services